Detail of Surface Cleaning – Science of Automotive and Mobile Detailing

Detailing and cleaning surfaces are taken for granted by most people. As an everyday task we all do we probably don’t think much about it. Detailing car, boat and RV surfaces so they are clean and durable is an art and science. Ask any mobile detailing expert and he will tell you how important it is. The truth is the science and material behind cleaning is very complex and interesting. Many a business makes or breaks it on using the right materials for the job.

Mobile Detailing to the Rescue

When you think about it these surface finishes must last for years in harsh conditions. Think about how the sun beats down on these paints and coatings day to day and imagine if your skin had to survive the conditions they live in. Much science and statistical analysis has gone into the development of the cleaning products used in car wash, mobile detailing and RV detailing businesses. Most mobile detailing businesses face different situations on a daily basis and they rely on using quality products to get the job done. The last thing they want is a call back on a finished mobile detailing job. This is very costly to them and must be avoided. If they get called back they lose out the opportunity to make income during that time. Not to mention they may get a bad review on their website or social media sites. Any sane business owner avoids these type of reviews at all costs. Thus, the need to only use high quality cleaning products to do the job right the first time. These types of products will also hold up under the severe conditions they undergo.

Cleaning Recreational Vehicles

RV Detailing and Protection

RV’s have a lot of surface area and are often parked in the sun for long periods of time. Not only that but they also may spend considerable time on roads that coat them with road salts, corrosive exhaust emissions and being “sand blasted” by wind carried particles. Clearly the surfaces on an RV must hold up. No one wants to buy an expensive RV and see it lose value quickly due to surface degradation. It is really easy to see this on such a large surface. RV detailing is a difficult job due to the size of the vehicles. But, it can be done well and if the owner wants to keep the value of the RV high then regular detailing and cleaning is a must. To do otherwise is bad business. The best thing to do is to have this service done regularly by a professional mobile RV detailing service. Virtually all automatic car wash facilities are not large enough to accommodate the size of an RV.


The science of cleaning is a lot more complex than most of us know. There is a lot of deep physics really going on. One of the governing principals is surface tension, among many others. If you want to dive deep into that check out this information also.

Essential Oil Education While Waiting for my Towing Company

Essential Oils and a Towing CompanyEssential Oil 101 and the Benefits While Getting a Tow

On my way to a business meeting with a potential client, to discuss the benefits of using essential oils in their life and to assist them in achieving Optimal Wellness for themselves and their family, I encountered a breakdown on the local Highway. Given the fact that my car would not restart, I first needed to reschedule my appointment and then I called a local towing company to give me assistance. Needing a tow was not in the day’s agenda but is a must have for me to continue my day with appointments and oil education.

As I waited for the tow truck to arrive, I decided to write this article so that I can share with others the many benefits of using essential oils and also to educate the readers as to how to use essential oils and get the most out of them as a natural solution. There is a lot that you can do when waiting for roadside assistance. This article was finished just in time for the towing company to arrive and transport my vehicle to the mechanic. In the mean time though, I figured this would be the best use of my time while waiting for a tow.

Essential oils are the natural compounds found  in the tree, bark and roots of a plant. These compounds when distilled properly are able to be used an oil form for the body. These oils that are found on the various areas of a plant, are the plant’s a way of protecting itself from environmental threats. Our body is carbon-based as well as plants and trees. So we are very compatible in such a way that we’re able to work together. For an example, we breathe oxygen and plants through their leaves release oxygen. Without oxygen we could not breathe and therefore become non-existent.  We need the oxygen that plants release to live.

There are many different brands of essential oils from the market. It could be hard to know which to choose.  Most think that all essential oils are the same but are very surprised to learn that they are not. As I have read, learn and study, there is a major difference between a quality essential oil versus an essential oil that has been tampered with by way of their compounds. The quality of a real essential oil should be determined by it’s smell, its lifespan and where it has derived from. For example, a five year old lavender plant in new soil from the U.S.  will not be as effective as a lavender plant in one hundred year old soil from France.

The location and originality of the plant or trees have a big impact as to the quality, effectiveness and the strength of the essential oil. There should never be any pesticides or preservatives,  additives or any other processing use to develop an essential oil. Also to allow the compounds to remain intact and at its highest strength the essential oil and needs to be extracted at very low heat or distillation..

Essential oils have the ability to combine seasonal threats, call back the senses and invigorate the mind. Essential oils can be used aromatically, topically and if it is a quality essential oil it could be used internally. Through multiple uses the body can effectively disperse and use the essential oils to the fullest. Aromatically is one of the most enjoyable ways to use essential oils. You could drop a drop in your palms, diffuse and your cold mist diffuser, or spray on surfaces and fabrics. Essential oils have benefits aromatically as it would internally or topically.

Essential oils are not a new craze that is popular. Essential oils have been around for centuries used by rulers and common people alike. They have been used in food for medicinal purposes and for cleaning. Having a variety of uses essential oils are an oldie but goodie for overall Wellness and should be kept that way. It is not a snake oil that some refer to it as. Essential oils have the ability to do what an individual would like it to do potentially, if used correctly and consistently.

Consistency is key and using any natural product for wellness. If you are not consistent then how will it be effective? There are some that say they have tried it but it didn’t work. When you ask them how long they’ve used it, or how often they have used a product they admit they were not consistent.

Consistency with natural products can be related to driving a car and not putting gas regularly in the tank. How are you to drive at a distance if you do not have to continually put gas in the tank for the car to run?

So I always encourage my potential clients, to use their oils all the time. I encourage them to contact me when they have questions, so that I can guide them to a helpful resource.   Being that resource gives them the motivation to continue on their natural wellness journey.

Material Surfaces Magnified

Take a look at the picture below. Is it any wonder that allergies occur? These are the types of things that can get trapped in carpets and rugs. Is there any question on whether getting carpets and rugs serviced by a professional carpet cleaning company is a good idea?

These types of surfaces on these particles are designed to get caught in other surfaces easily. It is easy to see why this will cause allergies and health concerns with all the sharp barbs on them. They will definitely cause our airways and nasal passages to get irritated.

Pollen a good reason for hiring carpet cleaning companies

Carpet Materials Matter for Carpet Cleaning Jobs

Beautiful Clean Residential CarpetThey almost go unnoticed most of the time. The only time we really think about carpet cleaning is if they’re extremely dirty or we need to replace them. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to educate ourselves on what materials are best used for carpets and rugs. Keeping them clean can be much easier if the right materials are used for the right application. There’s a big difference between a high traffic area in a commercial building and that in the typical home where we mostly live.

Carpet Cleaning More Often or Less Often?

Most of us don’t relish the task of cleaning most anything. We would much rather be doing something else. What are the best ways to clean the carpet and what are the best types of materials used to make a carpet? First, let’s talk a bit about the different materials used to make carpets in our modern world. Before the invention of plastics and synthetic Fibers, carpets were made out of natural materials. Silk and wool were widely used and are still in use today. In fact, these two materials make some of the higher-end carpet and rugs that people buy in this modern-day. Not only were these materials used but animal hair and animal hides were widely used as floor coverings before our Modern Age. Our thanks to Carpet Cleaners SCV, a local Santa Clarita Carpet Cleaning company for their help in this article.

With the invention of oil-based synthetic fibers, we have a multitude of new materials that are widely used in manufacturing carpets. They vary in quality and price as would be expected. Not all carpet fibers are equal. Does it make sense to understand some of the fundamental differences in the base materials used to make the carpets? This applies for area rugs also. Obviously, an area rug is very similar to a carpet in many ways. So the same materials are often used to make both.

Synthetic vs. Natural Carpet Fibers

This depends on which you would rather have and how much you’re willing to spend and what kind of Maintenance you’re willing to put up with. Some wool rugs are centuries old because wool is a very tough material. Now even though it’s a tough material is unlikely that it would have held up for centuries and a high-traffic business area. But the fact that it lasted for centuries is an amazing fact itself. Wool is obviously a sustainable or renewable resource because it’s not necessary to slaughter a lamb or sheep in order to get the wall. So this makes it an attractive alternative to environmentally conscious consumers. You will pay a premium for the luxury of wool but you will also have the knowledge and peace of mind that you have imposed less on this Earth finite resources.

Synthetic carpet materials consist predominantly of fibers that are oil-based. Olefins, polyesters and nylons are the most common. Nylon is a very durable synthetic material and a great choice for most carpet applications. Being that it’s very tough it will wear oftentimes significantly longer than polyesters and olefins. It is a bit more expensive but it may be a better choice in the long run as replacement costs will be less over time.

Nylon 6 and nylon 66 are the most widely used forms of nylon in carpet manufacturing. The coloring of nylon occurs in two ways. It can have a dye applied topically, or to the surface on the nylon material or it can be colored through the solution dying process. The solution dying process occurs while the nylon is in a molten state as opposed to applying a dye to the fiber surface, Thus the color is uniform throughout the fiber body. Topically applied dyes are a surface application and the inner body of the fiber is the native color of the nylon. Thus, if the fiber is scratched the color will change.

Polyesters are also widely used and are on the lower end of the cost scale in general. Many vibrant colors are available and in wide use today. It is often the contractors grade carpet that is installed in new homes in your typical tract houses and it is usually a polyester grade carpet. These generally last for a few years and then need replacement in most homes if you want to have a nice looking carpet. Polyester is a hydrophobic material meaning it does not attract water to its surface which helps to increase its stain resistant properties. The color of polyester carpet fibers is typically created with the solution dying method mentioned above.

DuPont has a product that is created from corn oil. Thus it is a renewable material. It has a toughness close to that of nylon making it an attractive alternative to the workhorse of the carpet industry, nylon.

Polyesters are also widely used and are on the lower end of the cost scale in general. Many vibrant colors are available and in wide use today. It is often the contractors grade carpet that is installed in new homes in your typical tract houses and it is usually a polyester grade carpet. These generally last for a few years and then need replacement in most homes if you want to have a nice looking carpet.

Olefins are used quite often also and are very stain resistant due to the chemical makeup of their natural fibers. There are a great number of different olefin fiber carpets in production today all the fins are of the polyethylene family of plastics which are an extremely widely used material. Therefore, the costs can be less than nylon because the raw material costs are lower. All of the synthetic carpets perform relatively well.

Carpet Cleaning Maintenance

All of the carpets we have discussed in this article perform well in many applications. The difference is outlined above can be important when making a choice as to which to purchase.

Make sure to hire reputable carpet cleaners and cleaning services in general when you higher these Professional Services to keep your carpets looking as new as possible. Talk with the technician to make sure that you get the feeling they understand and they know what they were doing. Don’t fall for the bait and switch where they charge $3 to clean a room and then come out and leave your room sopping wet and up charge you to finish the job. That has happened with some less-than-reputable carpet cleaning companies so be on the lookout for these scams.

Reputable carpet cleaning services have the right equipment and trained staff to get the job done quickly and effectively at a reasonable cost. They will know what type of carpet you have if they are of a good quality company. They will typically use what’s called hot water extraction to clean your carpets but it’s important that there is an agitation step included with any carpet cleaning tasks. Typically, you will want to have them apply some type of a detergent to your carpet, usually a slightly alkaline solvent is used to create the best results. This is then agitated into the carpet by a number of different means, sometimes a rotary buffer is used with a very soft towel-like pad which will fundamentally shampoo the carpet. After this that the hot water extraction process is done by which water is sprayed onto the carpet and then vacuum back up with a high suction head. This typically does a very good job of cleaning most carpets but will leave the carpet slightly damp and some other methods. It is probably the Workhorse of the industry to use a hot water extraction method sometimes called steam cleaning.