Detail of Surface Cleaning – Science of Automotive and Mobile Detailing

Detailing and cleaning surfaces are taken for granted by most people. As an everyday task we all do we probably don’t think much about it. Detailing car, boat and RV surfaces so they are clean and durable is an art and science. Ask any mobile detailing expert and he will tell you how important it is. The truth is the science and material behind cleaning is very complex and interesting. Many a business makes or breaks it on using the right materials for the job.

Mobile Detailing to the Rescue

When you think about it these surface finishes must last for years in harsh conditions. Think about how the sun beats down on these paints and coatings day to day and imagine if your skin had to survive the conditions they live in. Much science and statistical analysis has gone into the development of the cleaning products used in car wash, mobile detailing and RV detailing businesses. Most mobile detailing businesses face different situations on a daily basis and they rely on using quality products to get the job done. The last thing they want is a call back on a finished mobile detailing job. This is very costly to them and must be avoided. If they get called back they lose out the opportunity to make income during that time. Not to mention they may get a bad review on their website or social media sites. Any sane business owner avoids these type of reviews at all costs. Thus, the need to only use high quality cleaning products to do the job right the first time. These types of products will also hold up under the severe conditions they undergo.

Cleaning Recreational Vehicles

RV Detailing and Protection

RV’s have a lot of surface area and are often parked in the sun for long periods of time. Not only that but they also may spend considerable time on roads that coat them with road salts, corrosive exhaust emissions and being “sand blasted” by wind carried particles. Clearly the surfaces on an RV must hold up. No one wants to buy an expensive RV and see it lose value quickly due to surface degradation. It is really easy to see this on such a large surface. RV detailing is a difficult job due to the size of the vehicles. But, it can be done well and if the owner wants to keep the value of the RV high then regular detailing and cleaning is a must. To do otherwise is bad business. The best thing to do is to have this service done regularly by a professional mobile RV detailing service. Virtually all automatic car wash facilities are not large enough to accommodate the size of an RV.


The science of cleaning is a lot more complex than most of us know. There is a lot of deep physics really going on. One of the governing principals is surface tension, among many others. If you want to dive deep into that check out this information also.