Essential Oil Education While Waiting for my Towing Company

Essential Oils and a Towing CompanyEssential Oil 101 and the Benefits While Getting a Tow

On my way to a business meeting with a potential client, to discuss the benefits of using essential oils in their life and to assist them in achieving Optimal Wellness for themselves and their family, I encountered a breakdown on the local Highway. Given the fact that my car would not restart, I first needed to reschedule my appointment and then I called a local towing company to give me assistance. Needing a tow was not in the day’s agenda but is a must have for me to continue my day with appointments and oil education.

As I waited for the tow truck to arrive, I decided to write this article so that I can share with others the many benefits of using essential oils and also to educate the readers as to how to use essential oils and get the most out of them as a natural solution. There is a lot that you can do when waiting for roadside assistance. This article was finished just in time for the towing company to arrive and transport my vehicle to the mechanic. In the mean time though, I figured this would be the best use of my time while waiting for a tow.

Essential oils are the natural compounds found  in the tree, bark and roots of a plant. These compounds when distilled properly are able to be used an oil form for the body. These oils that are found on the various areas of a plant, are the plant’s a way of protecting itself from environmental threats. Our body is carbon-based as well as plants and trees. So we are very compatible in such a way that we’re able to work together. For an example, we breathe oxygen and plants through their leaves release oxygen. Without oxygen we could not breathe and therefore become non-existent.  We need the oxygen that plants release to live.

There are many different brands of essential oils from the market. It could be hard to know which to choose.  Most think that all essential oils are the same but are very surprised to learn that they are not. As I have read, learn and study, there is a major difference between a quality essential oil versus an essential oil that has been tampered with by way of their compounds. The quality of a real essential oil should be determined by it’s smell, its lifespan and where it has derived from. For example, a five year old lavender plant in new soil from the U.S.  will not be as effective as a lavender plant in one hundred year old soil from France.

The location and originality of the plant or trees have a big impact as to the quality, effectiveness and the strength of the essential oil. There should never be any pesticides or preservatives,  additives or any other processing use to develop an essential oil. Also to allow the compounds to remain intact and at its highest strength the essential oil and needs to be extracted at very low heat or distillation..

Essential oils have the ability to combine seasonal threats, call back the senses and invigorate the mind. Essential oils can be used aromatically, topically and if it is a quality essential oil it could be used internally. Through multiple uses the body can effectively disperse and use the essential oils to the fullest. Aromatically is one of the most enjoyable ways to use essential oils. You could drop a drop in your palms, diffuse and your cold mist diffuser, or spray on surfaces and fabrics. Essential oils have benefits aromatically as it would internally or topically.

Essential oils are not a new craze that is popular. Essential oils have been around for centuries used by rulers and common people alike. They have been used in food for medicinal purposes and for cleaning. Having a variety of uses essential oils are an oldie but goodie for overall Wellness and should be kept that way. It is not a snake oil that some refer to it as. Essential oils have the ability to do what an individual would like it to do potentially, if used correctly and consistently.

Consistency is key and using any natural product for wellness. If you are not consistent then how will it be effective? There are some that say they have tried it but it didn’t work. When you ask them how long they’ve used it, or how often they have used a product they admit they were not consistent.

Consistency with natural products can be related to driving a car and not putting gas regularly in the tank. How are you to drive at a distance if you do not have to continually put gas in the tank for the car to run?

So I always encourage my potential clients, to use their oils all the time. I encourage them to contact me when they have questions, so that I can guide them to a helpful resource.   Being that resource gives them the motivation to continue on their natural wellness journey.